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Kulshrestha Kalyan Samiti is a registered society which has completed 25 glorious years with cooperation and valuable s
upport of the community. The Samiti has been engaged for upliftment of deprived and under privileged section of the Kulshresthas and also for encouragement to the meritorious.

The Samiti at present is undertaking the following activities:
1. Awards and scholarship for children education

2. Aid for widows and poor people
3. Limited financial help for medical assistance.
4. Help to old and handicapped
5. Women welfare
6. Professional and vocational help to the students

At present the Samiti is providing financial support of nearly about Rs. 5.5 Lac/- per year in above mentioned activities. The resources are generated by  the following means:-

1. Membership which are distinguished member (Rs10,000 per year), Life member (Rs 3000 per year) and Annual member (Rs. 300)
2. Donations.
3. Advertisements in Annual Magazine and News Letter.
4. Sponsorship of awards to meritorious students and scholarships to poor.


There are number of scholarship and awards to meritorious and economically deprived students. The Samiti executes its schemes in a transparent manner to help the economically disadvantageous members and gives various awards as recognition of merit.
The applications are sought from the members of the community for both the schemes. These are reviewed by the Education Committee in an objective manner



The scholarships are awarded to need based students whose parents or guardians are not in adequate financial state to provide education to their wards. The application should be recommended by local Kulshrestha sabhas or/and regional Vice President of Samiti. The student to be eligible for this grant should be continuing the education. The present schemes are as follows:-

1. Shri Sardar Singh Kulshrestha ( Barahan wale ) Scholarship of Rs. 5001/ on yearly basis for meritorious but needy ( poor ) student who has passed classes XII and has taken admission in a professional degree program

2. Shri Shanti Swarup Scholarship of Rs. 600 /- Month to be given to the students of engineering and medicine, Initially for one year

3. Shri Jamuna Prasad Scholarship-

         a. Graduate Classes Rs. 250 per month

         b. Post Graduate Classes Rs. 300 per month

4. Shri Suresh Chandra Scholarship of Rs. 200/- per month to be given to the students studying in IX to XII.

5. Dr. Har Swarup Scholarship of Rs. 2000/- ( on yearly basis ) for financially deprived students of class from 8th to 10th for continuing further studies. ( In case eligible candidate is not available in year, It would be be awarded to the financially deprived students of lower classes )

6. Scholarship to students of classes up to IX classes

The Numbers of scholarship would be based on application and resource available. The application can be submitted at any time. The scholarship would be awarded once in six months in April and October every year subject to satisfactory progress


The following schemes of awards have been instituted to promote merit in students. The application should be accompanied with certified copy of the marks sheet and proof of admission in the course:-

1. Shri Vishnu Sahai Award of Rs. 5000/- for securing highest marks in class X

2. Smt. Roopwati Award of Rs. 2000/- for securing highest marks in class XII amongst girls students

3. Shri Ambika Prasad Award of Rs. 2000/- for securing highest marks in Class XII amongst boy students

4. Smt. Maya Devi Award of Rs. 3000/- for students of graduation of any discipline, on merit based on marks in 10+2 class ( Intermediate class ) in the previous year

5. Shri Pradyumn Kishore Award of Rs. 5000/- for a student for admission in a Medical / Engineering college on merit basis

6. Shri Vishwa Prakash Award of Rs. 5000/- for student of B.Sc / M.Sc in Agriculture subjects

7. Shri Shadi Lal Award of Rs. 6000/- for a student for admission in a Medical / Engineering college on merit basis

8. Shri Kailash Bihari Lal Award of Rs. 5000/- for students for admission in a Medical college on Merit basis

9. Shri Bhudev Prasad Award of Rs. 5100/- for a students for admission in Engineering college on merit basis

10. Smt Rajrani Award of Rs. 5100 /- for students for admission to MBA on merit basis

11. Shri Raj Bahadur Kulshrestha ( Gangagarh Wale ) Award of Rs. 2000/- for admission to Polytechnic Diploma Course on merit basis

Please Note:

A. All Awards will be given only for one year

B. No of Award is only 1 in each category

C. Awards No 1, 2, 3 is permanent and possibility of other awards is on yearly basis

D. On unavailability of the right candidate, The Kulshrestha Kalyan Samiti could be entitled to divert money of Award to other Awards or schemes after discussion with sponsor

List of awards & scholarships mentioned above is indicative & subject to change. For the complete exhaustive list of available schemes, please visit: http://www.kulshresthakalyansamiti.org/welfare-activities/welfare-scheme