"Thanks dear Virendra Ji to you and your outstanding team of excellent people full of initiative, drive and enthusiasm who wit
Shri Hari Shankar Kulshrestha
h their exceptional physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual efforts, elevated the humble beginning of Kulshreshtha Kalyan Samiti that some of us started a few decades back to the present level.  What at that time was a small group can now be seen as an ever expanding spectrum full of variety, hues, colors and shades.

I also congratulate all the honorable members who are here who when confronted with the plight of our less fortunate community members chose to act with creativity, originality, initiative and drive rather than just standing by as helpless creatures hoping some day someone will do something about it.

I am now 90 years YOUNG.  The infinite universe has a lot to offer.  Every day is a new day.  I do what I Iike and like what I do. The past is gone and future is unknown – present is ours and I live in present.  I try to live from moment to moment with full awareness, unconditioned, ever alert and conscious mind.  To me this world is a stark reality to be experienced by five senses and intuitioned by the sixth.  I wished I could attend today’s function – to me it must be like heaven on earth.  For this gathering, to those who think that this world is full of miseries, I would suggest वो यहाँ आयें और बहिश्ते कुल की सैर करें.

In the end, I salute all of you but with a word of caution. Despite your gigantic efforts even now there are still too many tears that need to be wiped, too many wounds that need to be healed and too many sinking hopes that need just a little help to live, and till the time it is there you cannot rest.

May God help all of us make this community a better place to live."

Shri Hari Shankar Kulshrestha,
Founder Member, Kulshrestha Kalyan Samiti
(New Jersey, USA)