Dear Friends,

Rear Admiral S Kulshrestha
I have been  amazed to see the terrific response from the youngsters to carryout welfare for their needy brethren, over the past couple of years! Kalyansamiti as you know is a purely charity driven organization with the sole aim of helping the needy Kulshresthas. More details can be found at the website run free of cost for the samiti (by two young kulshresthas of course!) kulshresthakalyansamiti.org .
I think it would be worthwhile to provide mutual links on both samiti and kulshrestha groups sites for ease of navigation and inspiration to all.

For the latest happenings on the charity scene please chk out the samiti site! The 2011 annual convention was a roaring success! Record breaking donations were received, reaffirming our faith in our own community!

I am on LinkedIn in case some of you want to join me, will be on face book as soon as I find more time ,
All the best and God Bless You all!


I feel we should harness and synergize all the e-groups of kulshresthas so that we can motivate them for our cause of charity.

May the lord bless us all!

Rear Admiral S Kulshrestha (retd.)

[Quoted from his message at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/kulshreshtha/]