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Chitragupta Ji

Kulshresthas are one of the smallest sub-caste of Kayasthas, who trace their origin to Lord Chitragupta. As per the legend he had twelve sons from two wives and their descendants are twelve sub castes, eg., Mathur, Srivastava, Saxena, Ashthana, Nigam, Bhatnagar etc. 

Education is their strong point, they have been dominating in different professions and in government or semi-government services since the time of Mughals and British.

Kulshrestha Kalyan Samiti is a registered body formed by members of the community with the objective of providing relief to under privileged amongst them and also to recognize the merit by giving awards and scholarships to the meritorious students. The web site has been designed to make Kulshresthas spread all over the globe aware of our activities and schemes. This would enable them to contribute in the welfare of their community.

The web site, besides general information including notices and news letters, contains a writer's forum. All members of the community are invited to pen their articles and poems for publication at this site. Please e-mail your contributions along with your name, mother's/father's name and full address to Prof. Manoj Kulshrestha at

We would like to announce that suitable space at this site is available for advertisements or personal announcements at a nominal introductory rate of Rs 1000/ for six months. Obituary information would not be charged.Those who wish to make use of this site for this purpose please e-mail to Prof. Manoj Kulshrestha at