Sangam - Matrimonials

This section of website is for prospective brides/grooms & their relatives. Idea is to keep the functionality very simple (just 2 steps) thereby making sure that privacy & security of applicants & their family is not breached, which is very common on popular matrimonial sites. Also, this service is completely free & no need to cram any username or passwords.
Lord Ganesh


 How it works:

1) Applicant or their Relatives on applicants behalf need to fill an application form online. Click here to submit a new request.
2) Same shall be authenticated by us.
2) Finally it will be published in 'Sangam' sheet once details are validated. Click here to browse the 'Sangam' sheet.


  1. To make sure that details keyed remain consistent & accurate with time, details shall be deleted post 6 months of publication on website automatically.In case such scenario arises user is requested to re-key the updated details or inform in advance by sending an email at that they still intend to seek the service & their details won't be deleted.
  2. Any entry made with the intention of abuse of this service which includes Spam, Spoof or commercial benefit to the party shall be deleted without providing any justification.
  3. In case of data corrections for details already entered, a mail can be dropped at with CC to
  4. Kulshrestha Kalyan Samiti cannot be held responsible for credibility of data submitted by various parties, data presented here is as is submitted by applicant & should be verified by respective families.
  5. In case of queries, drop a mail at with CC to