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Vishwa Kulshrestha Sammelan

posted Oct 22, 2015, 12:10 PM by Kulshrestha Kalyan Samiti   [ updated Oct 22, 2015, 12:14 PM ]



Work Plan and Responsibilities


Akhil Bhartiya Kulshrestha Mahasabha ( ABKM) is organizing Vishwa Kulshrestha Sammelan (VKS)  at Mathur Vaishya Bhawan Shahganj Agra on Sat 07 and Sun 08 Oct 2015. Kulshrestha Kalyan Samiti would participate in VKS by organizing our own programme on Sunday 08 Oct from 10 AM to 1.30 PM.

The aim of the Samiti’s programme  would be  to make the distinguished  members of the audience, with focus on foreign guests, aware of our programmes and work. We would organize a seminar with the theme of ‘Evaluation of the Samiti’s Role in the Lives of the Deprived in the Community’

Recently, two coordination  meetings were held by the President, one at Agra on 27 Sep with President ABKM and  regional vice presidents and the other at Noida on 11 Oct with key functionaries.

All members of the Samiti are cordially invited to the programme on 08 Oct 2015. Invitations have been sent by e mails, SMS and by posts to all members.

The action plan and responsibilities for the successful execution of VKS are as per subsequent paragraphs.

  1. Programme on Sunday 08 Oct

Tea/Breakfast  & Registration             - 0800 – 0930   (Registration by NRI and members/others separately). No fees is being charged from anyone. ( Breakfast & Tea available for sponsorship at approx Rs 15/20,000.)  Responsibility B’fast/Tea Arvind. Registration Mukesh Agra.  Virendra Agra please brief Mukesh personally.

Aarti                             0930-0945               Sandhya .Firozabad All to be seated by 0920 please.

Presentations               - 0945 – 1100              President 15 mins, Vinod 15 mins, Subhash 10 mins Awards 10 mins, Anurag 10, 15 mins for Q & A. Tea                                1100-1130                Arvind and his team of volunteers
Presentations by RVPs  1130-1300                Agra 15 mins, Morena 15 mins, Etah 10 mins,  others 20 mins. 15 mins for Q & A.          
Open House with beneficiaries 1300-1400    
  1. Responsibilities


  1. Stage Management (Decoration, Samiti Banner, Podium, Seating, First two rows reserved),  Most of arrangements of previous day to continue. Vishal & Alok

  2. Tea/Breakfast/Lunch –Menu to be with consultation of RVP Agra.

    Lunch to members of the Samiti has been sponsored by Shri Kant and Mrs Ritu.

    Responsibility Arvind. Sponsorship of Breakfast & Tea, together or alone available for sponsorship.

    © Invitations by e mail to members by Akshat

    (d) Invitations to  be sent by ‘book post’, affixing  Rs 4 stamp. Sample invitations att.  Kindly charge postage and Photostat expense. Pl post all by 15 Oct.

400 X Members   by Mrs Nishi,

300 X Members   by Mrs Rakhi

300X  Members    by Mrs Anjali

100X Members    by President ( Invitations to all ex com members, special invitees and RVPs already sent by post) Pl do not send them . However, by e mail and SMS to be sent to all

Invitations by sms to all at available mob numbers by Vivek and Mrs Nishi.

(e) Approx 300 folders to be made for 08 Nov programme which will contain 1. Introduction to the Samiti. 2. List of Sponsored schemes. 3. Membership Form.

400XCopy each of above documents to be sent to Agra RVP for putting in the envelope of ABKM folder, by 01 Nov.

Responsibility Shri Subhash Agra. Expense to be charged from the Secy Finance.

Virendra S.Verma to finalise Introduction of the Samiti, by 25 Oct.

Mrs Anjali to improve on List of Sponsorships given to her, by 25 Oct


(f) Power point cord by Vivek Kuls. This is to be done with all presenters ie RVP and office bearers. Appropriate fillers to be prepared with emphasis on history and origin of the Samiti incl tribute to the founders.


 (g) Copy of the brief of presentations by all office bearers and RVPs to be sent to the Vivek and President by 01 Nov. This is being done to check repetition and make changes.

2 Shawls

A shawl and rose to be presented to all foreign guests and beneficiaries.

Responsibility – Virendra , Agra. Pl send bill. Pl obtain number from Bhanti sahib & RVP Agra. Item available for sponsorship. Approx cost Rs 7500 to Rs 10,000/

  1. Compeer

Mrs. Rakhi, Mrs Neha and Mr Sanchit. Cordination of script to be done by Mrs Nishi may be on Sunday 01 Nov. Venue later.

  1. Hon Guests .

  1. Mrs. Santosh.  Chicago

  2. __

To be honoured with a shawl by Patrons.Vivek please arrange their photo, brief resume and put in power point presentation when they are being introduced by the President.

  1. Reception

Responsibility –Devendra Prakash and his team. Mrs Nishi Kindly cord with him and get  young volunteers to take guests at the appropriate seats

Shri Subhash Chandra and Dr Dinesh Chandra, patrons, to be recd by the President.

  1. Registration

2 tables to be arranged, one for NRI and other for Members. Responsibility – Mukesh Agra  Old copies of Udbodhan to be taken from the President for distribution. Virendra Agra please oversee the arrangements.

  1. Arti

Vishal Agra.

  1. Awards

Kulshrestha Ratna Award. Selection Committee -
Shrikant, Virendra Verma, S. P. Bhanti

Res. President.

  1. Interaction with Beneficiaries. One hour programme to be arranged by  Shri Vinod Kumar & Subhash of  Agra. Approx 15-20 beneficiaries to be expected and all of them to be given VIP status in front rows. A shawl each with rose to be presented to them. No announcement of their names by compeer.

    Following RVPs are requested  to encourage beneficiaries to participate:-

    Agra  8 to 10

    Etah  approx 4

    Morena approx 4

    Mathura  2.

    Firozabad/shikohabad 2

RVPs to please send their names to the President and Vinod  by 01 Nov. Vinod mob9999782823

If RVP desire beneficiaries from any other place are welcome.

The conduct of interaction with beneficiaries at the venue is to be done by Mrs Nishi with help from Mrs Neha. Two cordless mikes to be available. All beneficiaries to be given due respect and  seated in front rows together.


Overall General Supervision

  1. Rear Admiral Dr Sanatan (Retd)

  2. Shri Virendra Agra



Please clarify for any responsibilies from President or Gen Secy Mrs Nishi.

Shri Akshat please publish the above in web site.

With best wishes for the success of the programme.

Virendra Sahai Verma

President. 9810231823


14 Oct 2015

Kulshrestha Kalyan Samiti 

is pleased to invite members to a Seminar on 


On Sunday 08 November 2015 from 9 AM to 1.30 PM 

at Mathur Vashya Bhawan, Pachkuinya Crossing Agra 

during Vishwa Kulshrestha Sammelan organised by

Akhil Bhartiya Kulshrestha Mahasabha on 07-08 November, 2015,

Tentative Programme 

0900 –0930 Welcome tea and registration 
0930- 1100 Presentations by the President, Social Welfare, Self Help , Awards & Honours Committees 
1100-1130 Tea Break 
1130-1300 Presentations by the Regional Vice Presidents 
1300-1400 Open House for Interactions including with Beneficiaries 
1400-1500 Lunch (sponsored by Shri & Smt Shrikant Chandra)


Col ® Virendra Sahai Verma, 09810231823, virendrasahai@gmail.com

Shri Virendra Kumar, Coordinator Agra, 9634765610, alok_alok88@yahoo.com


Mrs. Nishi, Gen Secy, 09582090654, nishikulsh@gmail.com